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Uma Radiva baby of Sdyron


Uma Radiva baby of Sdyron - Zuza ( C.I.B. Eolo dei Boschi D´oro x Radiva baby Beauty Sleep) 44,5 cm, 23.7.2018, JE free , FF, SD normal , LSD normal, HD A, ED 0, patellas 0, brown with white, scissor bite, full teeth, MyDogDNA, approved breeding license Zuza is a compact female, very typical standard lagotto, a sound mover and has got a beautiful dense coat. She is a happy and friendly female.

C.I.B: Radiva baby Bambulka, retired, lives in Austria


C.I.B, JR CH SK, AT, CH AT, SK, HU,6 Club Beauty Champion Radiva baby Bambulka, DOB. 13.11.2013, JE -free, HD A/B, ED 00, FF, SD normal, eyes clear, patellas 00, scissor bite, full dentition, white with brown (with ticking), 45 cm, MyDogDNA