Litter J

Mother- CH AT, SK, JrCh SK, JrCH AT RADIVA BABY BAMBULKA, HD B/A, ED 00, FF, JE free SD normal, patellas free, eyes clear, MYDOGDNA profil, full dentition, scissor bite,  45 cm
Father- ADAM OCRINA (SL), HD A,  JE free, SD normal, full dentition, scissor bite,  47 cm

On 5 October 2016 Bambi gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies, all puppies are  JE free and  SD (storage desease) normal by parentage
male  -  Radiva baby Jeronimo, brown with white, in new home AT
male - Radiva baby Jordan, brown with white, in new home AT
female - Radiva baby Jessie, brown with white-  in new home SK
female - Radiva baby Jade,  brown - in new home CZ

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